Lost Fleet: Beyond the Frontier: Leviathon

I just finished reading Lost Fleet: Beyond the Frontier: Leviathon by Jack Campbell. I’ve read the whole series to this point, and I suspect this is the end. I have greatly enjoyed all the books.

Lost Fleet--Leviathon

If you like old-fashioned space opera, this series is for you.  If you also like military-oriented books, you’ll enjoy these stories.

I took the Marine option in Naval ROTC, but that was at the beginning of my third year in college. The first two years, we studied conventional naval tactics, how ships should be arranged on the two-dimensional plane of the sea.  I have forgotten most of that, but I found it interesting at the time.

This series goes a step farther by addressing tactics in four dimensions. Not only do the tactics take into account the ordinary three dimensions available in space, but the distances are so vast that time plays a role.

For example, if your fleet pops out of hyperspace into a star system, you might see an enemy fleet that is four light-hours away. So you are seeing where they were four hours ago, and they won’t see you for another four hours. If you travel at one tenth light speed through the system, then expect it to take 40 hours to get to the enemy, depending on what they are doing in the meantime.

Imagine that you are drawing close to engagement with the enemy. You have positioned your fleet in one of any number of possible attack formations.  When you are just a few light seconds from the enemy and just before you are within weapons range, you might change your position to confound the enemy.  If you time it right, the enemy won’t know what you’ve done until it’s too late. Of course, the enemy may be trying to do the same thing to you.

If that intrigues you, read this series.