More From the Choices-Have-Consequences Department

This follows up on my previous post on this subject.  The two Austrian girls I reported on apparently have a lot of company.  Approximately 100 girls and young women in France have answered the call to support ISIS.  Not all are French; a smattering of other countries is represented.

They’ve all made a bad choice that will negatively affect their lives.  But some choices are worse than others.  One of the girls is Jewish.  I assume she’ll have to convert, but even with that, I would not bet a large sum on her survival.  How disaffected from your parents can you be, really?

From the Choices-Have-Consequences Department

Two teenage Muslim girls in Austria found life at home with Mom and Dad to be a drag.  Who could have predicted that?  The romance of jihad appealed to the girls, so they ran off to join ISIS.  Now they are pregnant and tired of “these animals” telling us what to do.  But getting away from ISIS isn’t as easy as getting in it, and Austria doesn’t want them back.  How much confidence can Austria have that their professed regrets are genuine?

When you’re the age of these girls, you don’t believe the adults around you know anything.  Most of us learn otherwise without such severe consequences.  These girls have ruined their lives.  It’s a shame. and they have my sympathies, up to a point.  But they’re going to have to live with the consequences of their choices.

Unfolding Information on the Beheader from Oklahoma

Born as Alton Noel, the beheader was apparently reared as a Christian.  In prison, he converted to Islam.  The beheading, however, seems to have come from his criminal nature and whatever he learned in prison.  His local mosque disclaims his actions.

Here’s the banner on his Facebook Page:

JahKeem Yisrael Facebook Banner

Whatever others in his local mosque think, it’s pretty clear what the beheader thought.

Iraqi Lawyer and Civil Rights Leader (and Woman) Tortured and Executed

Samira Salih al-Nuaimi was taken from her home, tried for apostasy, tortured, and executed.  Her crime?  Facebook posts critical of ISIS’ destruction of places of worship in Iraq.  After her death, her family was warned against a funeral.

The world view of people who would commit such acts is so different from ours that, if we make assumptions about them based on our own beliefs and expectations, we risk being dangerously wrong.  Pax Americana is gone, and the world is a much more dangerous place.

Here is her picture:


Thoughts from 9/11/2003 That Are Still Pertinent Today

This James Lileks column was written for September 11, 2003, two years after the towers fell.  He accurately predicted what has happened, and I believe, what will continue to happen.

The world will not end. It will roll around in its orbit until Sol expires of famine or indigestion. In the end we’re all ash anyway – but even as ash, we matter. The picture at the top of this page is a sliver taken from a 9/11 camera feed. It’s the cloud that rolled through lower Manhatttan when the towers fell. Paper, steel, furniture, plastic, people. The man who took the picture inhaled the dust of the dead. Somewhere lodged in the lung of a New Yorker is an atom that once belonged to a man who went to work two years ago and never came back. His widow dreads today, because people will be coming and calling, and she’ll have to insist that she’s okay. It’s hard but last year was harder. The kids will be sad and distant, but they take their cues from her, and they sense that it’s hard – but that last year was harder. But what really kills her, really really kills her, is knowing that the youngest one doesn’t remember daddy at all anymore. And she’s the one who has his eyes.

Read the whole thing.  Hat tip to Instapundit.