Net Neutrality

I just noticed that WordPress wants me to post a banner, which they will provide, to support net neutrality. The internet is awash in such efforts to reverse the recent repeal of the relatively recent net neutrality rules.

I do not pretend to grasp all the problems that may arise without net neutrality. Neither do I pretend to grasp all the problems that may arise with it. I do grasp, however, that the voluminous opposition to repeal did not happen by itself. It had to be fomented and supported by big players. WordPress is a case in point.

To suppose that such people act in the public interest instead of their own is fatuous. When one side so frantically urges me to support them in a public policy dispute, I am naturally cautious. Of course they will benefit if they win.

Net-neutrality repeal obviously doesn’t have as much money supporting it, which I find peculiar. We are exhorted with tales how big money will take advantage of us without government-imposed neutrality. But, if so, those who would profit are not mounting a counter campaign. You may wonder why that is so. I do.

You may support whichever side of this dispute you wish. I’m indulging my native skepticism and am willing to risk that repeal will work out fine. The hysteria supporting neutrality has led to nonsenical and inconsistent arguments. That’s not persuasive,

Keeping the government out of something is my default preference anyway.


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