A Belated Post on Harvey

The house at the ranchito stayed dry during the flooding, but just barely. Here’s a view showing the water within 20 yards of the house.

20170828--Harvey 1

Twenty yards may sound like a good distance, but bear in mind that the river from which this water comes is over half a mile away. Here’s another view:

20170828--Harvey 2

And here’s a nearby highway intersection that was impassable for flooding:

20170828--Harvey 6

I am told by those who have long lived in the area that this is the highest the water has gotten in living memory.


Cattle Behavior

Out in my pasture, I noticed a calf separated from the other cattle and apparently not doing well. I got out of my truck and approached to get a better photo.


Momma had not been close, but when I took the above picture, a friend who remained in the truck warned me to look out. Momma was approaching me from behind so I could not see her. When I turned to face her, she backed off a little, probably because I seemed less of the threat to the calf.

I neglected to get a picture of Momma but I did note that the rest of the cattle came over to see the show.


Mommas, even when cattle, are best not led to think you may harm their young.