The River Takes a Tree

For years, I’ve taken pictures of the same tree leaning over the Navidad River. The pictures have been at different seasons and different water levels. But this weekend, the tree was gone without a trace. Most my recent picture of it was April 14, so the river took the tree after that. A nearby flood gauge shows that the river peaked shortly after my last photo of the tree.

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Book Reading and Signing




















Please mark your calendars for 5:00 to 7:00, Thursday, May 11. I will be at The Twig reading from and signing copies of this book. The Twig is now in The Pearl complex, the old Pearl Brewery off Broadway.

Twig Bookstore


Evolution of Language

Bryan Garner offers this Quote of the Day:

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This is the long, twilight struggle between descriptivists and prescriptivists.

Descriptivists, who hold that language is whatever people do from time to time, must win in the end.

But prescriptivists, who hold that language rules should be observed, must fight a never-ending rearguard action, yielding ground slowly and reluctantly.

I am a prescriptivist at heart.