Deterioration of Barbershops

I used to maintain that I could not get my hair cut anywhere that didn’t have gun magazines on the rack and taxidermy on the wall. Regrettably, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen such a place, so I’ve had to relent. But there are degrees of relenting.

James Wigderson talks about a recent experience in a “hair salon”:

Into the chair I went when it was my turn, trying to watch the Louisville-Duke basketball game between the shampooing, the hot towel, and the neck massage. That’s when I noticed on the sign of services offered, “nose waxing, $5.”

I asked my friend as she continued the massage, “Is nose waxing what I think it is?”

“Yes, I take a popsicle stick, put hot wax up your nose and pull the hair out.”

Somewhere in Guantanamo, some prisoner is being told, “It’s time for your nose waxing, Fayeed.” “No, no! I’ll talk! I know where we keep Hillary’s deleted emails!”

It stays good. Read the whole thing.



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