A Description of the Political Divide

I broach this topic with trepidation. This is not a political blog, and I intend to keep it that way. Political posts tend to reduce readership, and that’s certainly not my goal.

That said, I just read a description of the political divide that I find quite thoughtful. I believe it is a neutral expression, and I hope others take it that way. The description is from a political article, and I link to the article not to endorse its political views, but merely to show my source:

Progressives tend to believe that government — if made to have sufficient size, scope, and proper management over the affairs of man — will fix or at least seriously mitigate the problem of evil in the world. Conservatives tend to believe that human nature is flawed and inclined toward bad things. Conservatives believe that government, being made up of humans, will also be inclined toward bad things, and therefore it must be restrained and not given a dangerous amount of power. They tend to see greater success for fixing problems in society with voluntary associations and institutions, such as families and community and organizations. Progressives tend to believe that man can be perfected, and perfected through government action.

I have often had similar thoughts, which is no doubt why I latched onto this. But I would be interested in hearing others’ (thoughtful) views. Does this seem a fair description of the divide you see? If not, how would you recast it to make it more accurate?

The political divide is a big problem in our society, and if we all understood it better, we would be better able to deal with it. Name calling and ascribing bad motives to the other side isn’t going to help.




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