Andrew Cuomo Orders Takedown of Posters for Amazon’s Man in the High Castle

Man in the High Castle

Man in the High Castle is a new series from Amazon exploring what might have happened had the U.S, lost World War II. In the series, Germany controls everything east of the Rockies. Japan controls everything west of the Rockies, and there is a neutral zone in the Rockies themselves.

Andrew Cuomo ordered advertising for the series be removed from the NYC subway system. I am not a First Amendment lawyer, but the order seems questionable to me. It’s certainly unfortunate. I’ve seen the first three episodes of the series, and I’m hooked. You shouldn’t miss it regardless what Andrew Cuomo thinks.


The linked article says that Andrew Cuomo, governor of the State of New York, ordered the NYC subway system to take down the advertising. Assuming that to be true, the government structure of New York must be quite different from that of Texas. Greg Abbott, governor of Texas, could not order VIA Metropolitan Transit (the entity for San Antonio, Texas, corresponding to the New York City subway system) to do anything. The governor might, in limited circumstances, use political influence to get something done, but he lacks the authority to give VIA orders.




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