Edmund Fitzgerald Sank November 10, 1975

Edmund Fitzgerald

The “Big Fitz” – for a long time the largest ship ever to ply the freight routes around the Great Lakes – was carrying taconite pellets with enough iron ore in them to build more than 4,000 cars. That point alone is something of a head-turner and an index of just how huge this ship was. Add to that the fury of the Great Lakes gale, as bad as all but the most massive of oceanic cyclones, and the mystery of the cause of the wreck and you have what ought to have been the makings of a great news story. Yet except for regional coverage in newspapers in Lakes-related cities and a brief note on some of the evening network newscasts, the “Edmund Fitzgerald” [but for Gordon Lightfoot, would have sunk] into anonymity as it slipped beneath the 35 or 40 foot waves on that awful night.

Read the whole thing.


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