On 9/11

In September 2001, I was an adjunct instructor in the paralegal program at San Antonio College. Before I left home, the first plane had crashed into a tower. I assumed some idiot in a Cessna tried to fly between the towers and screwed up. By the time I got to work, the other plane crashed into the second tower. Like many others, it was only then that I understood we had been attacked.

No one knew what else might happen that day, so the San Antonio College administration canceled classes. The parking lot was a snarled mess as everyone tried to leave at the same time. Rather than get into that, I found a spot in the shade of a tree to read and smoke a cigar.

A student approached me and asked what I thought. I replied that the attacks were acts of war and that we were at war. He disagreed, offering as his reason that he did not trust the Bush administration to conduct a war.

But whether you trust an administration to conduct a war has nothing to do with whether you are in one. We were at war. And we still are.


Here’s what I posted last year.


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