Anyone Have Experience with WANATribe?

WANATribe is a site promising help for people trying to build writing careers. I read about the site in “We Are Not Alone: The Writer’s Guide to Social Media,” by Kristen Lamb. Ms. Lamb apparently maintains the site herself.

I signed up to join the site several weeks ago, but my status still reads that my membership is pending approval. I understand being overwhelmed and being burned out. It takes a brave soul to put out a book with a blanket invitation to the general public to do something that causes more work for the author. I would not do it.

If that is the explanation, then I understand and will devote my attention elsewhere. But if the site is functioning and other people are being approved, I would like to know so I can explore what the problem is.


Update September 6, 2015:

I just discovered that my membership has now been approved.


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