Proposed Cover for “And the Truth Shall Make You Dead”

Komensky Cover--altered Komensky Cover

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2 thoughts on “Proposed Cover for “And the Truth Shall Make You Dead”

  1. Hi Kenneth,
    I came across you link on a LinkedIn cover clinic thread, in one of the groups I belong to. For some reason, I couldn’t post a reply there so I thought I would leave you a quick comment here. The proposed cover has no focus because there are many elements that are about the same size (title and signs mainly). As well the negative space of the sky and grass distract from the main elements of the Komensky and arrow signs. If you enlarged and cropped the photo, so that less of the sky and grass were visible, it would help the viewer focus on the signs, which are a clever graphic element. Have you thought of adding a bullet hole or two to the town sign? It would be a nice hint at the danger that lies ahead.
    Adjusting the colors of the sky and trees to be more red/orange/brown, and darker overall, would help push the danger angle as well. These color combinations often suggest caution and danger. Then if you enlarged the type and made it a lighter yellow/orange color, it would pop nicely, but still be tied into the overall cover color scheme.
    I think that the font chosen is good for your name, but something more interesting, possibly a serif font would add a nice touch to the title. Look for a font with a nice capital “A,”
    Congratulations on writing and publishing so many books, and good luck with this one! It’s quite the endeavor, and many people never get past the dreaming stage.
    I hope my comments make sense, and that you find some use in them. Feel free to contact me for any clarification.
    Chris Chuckry

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