Clothing That Will Make You Feel Cooler?

Thin Ice is touting a vest and insoles that will trick your body into thinking it’s cooler.  The goal is to speed up your metabolism and make you lose weight.

If the weight-loss aspect pans out, that would be great. I’d buy it for that reason alone, but I’m skeptical. The world is full of weight-loss scams.

That said, clothing that could make you feel cooler surely has a market far beyond weight loss. In San Antonio, we’re projected to be heading into a series of 100+ degree days. When I go to my land this time of year, I spend a lot of time resting in the shade.  I’d pay $100 in a heartbeat for a vest that made me feel cooler irrespective of weight-loss benefits.

The article says the clothing line was developed by a former athlete in Toronto.  Maybe they don’t think too much about 100 degree days in Toronto, but surely that’s the most lucrative market for this technology.


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