I am Confused

Dallas researchers have developed a new miracle fiber:

The list of potential applications for a new electrically conducting fiber—artificial muscles,  exoskeletons and morphing aircraft—sounds like something out of science fiction or a comic book. With a list like that, it’s got to be a pretty special fiber… and it is. The fiber, made from sheets of carbon nanotubes wrapped around a rubber core, can be stretched to 14 times its original length and actually increase its electrical conductivity while being stretched, without losing any of its resistance.

That’s great news, and I hope it pans out. That said I am befuddled by the statement that conductivity can be increased without losing resistance. I am a lawyer, not an engineer of any sort, much less an electrical engineer. But I always thought conductivity and resistance were two sides of the same coin, that if one went up, the other necessarily went down, not as a matter of existing technology but as a matter of definition.

I am sure the confusion is caused by my lack of understanding. Is there anyone out there who can explain this?


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