The Travails of High School Boys

James Miller tells us why pretty girls crush the egos of nerdy boys who work up the courage to ask the girls out.

When someone asks you out on a date, they are basically saying that they think your standards are low enough to voluntarily go out with them. If the asker clearly has high dating market value himself, his advances don’t indicate that he thinks you have a low dating market value. But if you get asked out on a date by someone with a low social status, and other people find out, then others might reasonably downgrade their estimate of your dating market value, especially if the person doing the asking is a shy, cautious nerd.

So high-status girls have a personal interest in vigorously rejecting low-status boys, the better to discourage other such overtures.

It has been a long time since I was in high school.  Even so, I remember the experience well enough to know high-status girls reacted the same way back then.


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