San Antonio 5K on Saturday, August 1

St. Andrew’s will join forces with Fleet Feet to host a 5K Fun Run / Walk on Saturday, Aug. 1.
If you are an avid runner, you are invited. If you like to take part in walks for a good cause, you’re invited! If you enjoy walking events that include children and/or pets, you’re invited!
This event is designed to raise funds to purchase school supplies for children in need who attend Wilshire Elementary School.

Race Start Time: 8:00 a.m.

Cost:  – $25 and one school supply item
Children’s race – $10 and a school supply item

To register, go to:

I am Confused

Dallas researchers have developed a new miracle fiber:

The list of potential applications for a new electrically conducting fiber—artificial muscles,  exoskeletons and morphing aircraft—sounds like something out of science fiction or a comic book. With a list like that, it’s got to be a pretty special fiber… and it is. The fiber, made from sheets of carbon nanotubes wrapped around a rubber core, can be stretched to 14 times its original length and actually increase its electrical conductivity while being stretched, without losing any of its resistance.

That’s great news, and I hope it pans out. That said I am befuddled by the statement that conductivity can be increased without losing resistance. I am a lawyer, not an engineer of any sort, much less an electrical engineer. But I always thought conductivity and resistance were two sides of the same coin, that if one went up, the other necessarily went down, not as a matter of existing technology but as a matter of definition.

I am sure the confusion is caused by my lack of understanding. Is there anyone out there who can explain this?

Saturday on the River

20150725_150254 20150725_172233

The rain came back to Texas this spring, and now you can paddle the rivers again.  Yesterday, I joined a small group to paddle the Guadalupe River from the Bergheim crossing down to Guadalupe River State Park. I was reminded of how beautiful and peaceful the river can be.

Backyard Beauty

Coral vine (Antigonon leptopus) is native to Mexico, but I can attest that it grows well in the San Antonio, Texas, area.

Maybe someone else planted it long ago, but my family has lived in this house for 30 years, and we have neither planted it nor tended it.  It freezes back every winter and comes back every summer with a lush display of pink flowers interspersed with a few white ones. Monsoon or drought, it always comes back.

I gather some specimens have more white flowers. However it got into my yard, I am very glad it is there.

The photos show it growing over Japanese Ligustrum. The vine has done the Ligustrum no harm.

20150722_114219 20150722_114235

Mouth of the Guadalupe River

Mouth of Guadalupe River

This was taken at the mouth of the Guadalupe River, looking out across San Antonio Bay. The river is the line between Victoria and Refugio Counties, Texas. I took this from a canoe and tried to get a shot from the bay looking back into the river mouth.  But the bow paddler could not hold the boat steady, and there was enough chop in the bay that I was at risk of tipping over if I took my paddle out of the water long enough to get the picture.  I decided I didn’t want the picture that bad