Navidad River in Flood


Taken at Rancho el Mosquito in late April when we had had a good bit of rain.  The actual river channel is behind the trees.  The white tip to the left of center is the top of a fence post.  I was standing in shin-deep water when I took the picture.  Had I waded to the fence, I would have been in over my waist.

Stalin Ordered John Wayne’s Assassination

Josef Stalin apparently heard of John Wayne through a Soviet film maker.  Considering Wayne to be a threat because of his anti-Communist beliefs, Stalin ordered his assassination.

Good grief.  Because the Cold War has been over for so long, we tend to forget how nasty it could be.  Wayne, however, reportedly took the news in stride.

Wayne . . . relied upon a group of loyal stuntmen who infiltrated communist cells in America and learned of plots to kill him.

He then gathered all the stuntmen, went to communist meetings, and had a huge fight . . . . This was when Wayne believed [famous stuntman Yakima] Canutt saved his life.

It seems our enemies had a high opinion of the influence of American popular culture.

I discovered the above links in an article on Pajamas Media.