Can You Find the Feral Hogs?



There are two feral hogs in this picture, but can you find them?  Hint: One of the hogs is partly obscured by a branch.  This is the Navidad River in Texas.

James Lileks on Napping

I read a review for an app called Power Nap HQ, and it seemed interesting: it took nap data, based on your movements. You entered how much time you wanted to sleep, set a backup alarm, chose a sequence of sounds, and laid it next to you. It would report back on your movements, indicating the depth of the nap, and it would also record any abrupt sounds you made. Nicely designed, too. A buck. Bought it.

Read the whole thing.  You can never go wrong reading Lileks.

A Small Glimmer of Light for Hair Braiders

Much occupational regulation is anti-competitive in effect and intent.  Though rules are cloaked in pious claims of protecting the public, their real aim is to protect established market participants.  Hair braiding is a classic example.  Hair braiders do not do what cosmetologists do, but many states have required cosmetology licenses for hair braiders.

One victim of such rules is Isis Brantley of Dallas, Texas.  She was arrested in 1997 for braiding hair without a cosmetology license, but she got the law changed in 2007.  Even with that change, however, she was barred from opening a school to teach hair braiding.  Finally, a U.S. District Court has set aside the rules barring the school.

It’s disgraceful that the government stands in the way of entrepreneurs such as Ms. Brantley, and I wish her and her school well.