Good News on the Controlled-Fusion Front

Lockheed-Martin’s Skunkworks is working on s new way to produce fusion-powered electricity.  It is 10X as powerful as what has been tried before and thus can be 1/10 the size.  It’s in the development stage, and a lot of work remains to be done.  That always seems to be the case with controlled fusion, and maybe it always will be.  But this report is reason to hope.

If we can even get fusion to live up to its promise, the world will be a far different and better place.  Electric power will be so cheap that standards of living throughout the world will be raised.  Fusion generates no nuclear waste and no CO2.  It will even offer a solution to the water problem faced by much of the world, including the American West in general and Texas in particular.  The surface of the earth is roughly 75% water, but much of it is salty and in the wrong place.  But we can easily fix both those problems is the cheap and plentiful energy controlled fusion promises.  Let us all hope this work turns out well.


One thought on “Good News on the Controlled-Fusion Front

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