Are We and Everything We Perceive Part of a Computer Simulation?

The notion that the universe is a computer simulation has long been fodder for science fiction. It’s also been the subject of at least some serious thought.  Now there’s an interesting development.

If everything is a computer simulation, then everything is likely built on a grid.  Think of pixels in a digital image.  There’s nothing smaller than an individual pixel.  The theory is that a computer-simulated universe would have analogous but much (much, much) smaller pixels.  Recent measurements of cosmic rays are consistent with how things would be if the universe is based on pixels.  That’s intriguing, but it’s not dispositive.  We know far too little about the universe to treat this as proof of anything.

Still, it’s fascinating and perhaps a bit alarming.  If we do live in a simulation, let’s hope nobody up there has a power outage.


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