From the Choices-Have-Consequences Department

Two teenage Muslim girls in Austria found life at home with Mom and Dad to be a drag.  Who could have predicted that?  The romance of jihad appealed to the girls, so they ran off to join ISIS.  Now they are pregnant and tired of “these animals” telling us what to do.  But getting away from ISIS isn’t as easy as getting in it, and Austria doesn’t want them back.  How much confidence can Austria have that their professed regrets are genuine?

When you’re the age of these girls, you don’t believe the adults around you know anything.  Most of us learn otherwise without such severe consequences.  These girls have ruined their lives.  It’s a shame. and they have my sympathies, up to a point.  But they’re going to have to live with the consequences of their choices.


One thought on “From the Choices-Have-Consequences Department

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