I am a husband, father, lawyer, former Marine, and native Texan who lives in San Antonio, Texas. And I am the grandfather of the cutest little boy anywhere ever.

Please check out my blog posts in the column to the right. The posts are an arbitrary melange of what interests me. If you browse it, I hope you’ll find something that interests you. I have as many posts as I do about the whistleblower suit against the Collin County Community College District because my brother is one of the plaintiffs in that suit.

Most of my writing is fiction, though I have written a legal handbook as well.  Here is a link to my author page on Amazon.  All the fiction is available on Amazon in Kindle format, and most is available otherwise. If you don’t have a Kindle, you can download a free app for your computer, tablet, or smart phone.  Here’s a rundown on what I have available:

cover-imageThe Truth Shall Make You Dead.

Nacho Perez, a retired Marine gunnery sergeant turned private eye, confronts a corrupt political machine in a rural Texas county. They kill his primary witness, but he persists. They kill anyone else who cooperates, but Nacho is undeterred. So they try to kill him. When Nacho survives and continues, they go after his daughter. That’s when the come to understand the Marine admonition: no better friend, no worse enemy.

Available on Amazon in Kindle format and as a paperback.


nacho-perez-cover-alt-2Nacho Perez, Private Eye

Four hard-boiled detective short stories set in contemporary San Antonio, Texas. Nacho Perez, a former Marine drill instructor, is the detective.  In Badger Game, Nacho is hired to recover money lost in a confidence scheme.  In San Antonio Blues, he investigates a death written off by the police as an accidental drug overdose.  In Search of Eldorado has Nacho searching for an heir that the mob doesn’t want found.  And Whiskey’s for Drinking concerns a dispute over water rights in parched South Texas.

As a bonus, the collection ends with a flash-fiction detective story set in a futuristic New York City. The outcome turns on Asimov’s First Law of Robotics.

Nacho Perez, Private Eye is available as an ebook on Smashwords as well as Amazon and is also available on Amazon as a paperback and as an audiobook.

Bitter Well Cover

Bitter Well

A family patriarch is shot at an isolated ranch compound on the Edwards Plateau. The murderer must a family member or the patriarch’s gold-digging girlfriend, the only ones present. Nacho finds the murderer, but stirs of long standing family bitterness and finds a contract has been put on his life.





Hard-Hearted Hannah

Deep in the South Texas brush, miles from a paved road and in the midst of Tropical Storm Hannah, Nacho faces an enemy determined to thwart him, by gunfire if necessary.






Wild Man Cover

Wild Man of the Navidad and Other Writings

A young couple inherits a section of rural land backing up on the Navidad River. The land includes a ramshackle house. School teachers, they decide to devote their summer to making the house livable. Unbeknownst to them, a mysterious creature inhabits the Navidad bottomland. In this short story, the young couple runs afoul of the creature.

Texas really does have a Navidad River, and there really are legends of a creature living in the bottomland. As for the rest, read the story and decide for yourself whether you want to camp near the river.

This book contains not only “Wild Man of the Navidad” but also other short pieces and some doggerel. Much of the doggerel concerns the chupacabra, another mysterious creature said to live in Texas.  This book, too, is available on Smashwords as well as Amazon.

Unlawful Combatants Cover

Unlawful Combatants

An 1850s Comanche war party passes through a time warp to the present day. They encounter a family enjoying a Sunday afternoon at a river and do what a Comanche war party would do. How should the legal system respond? Are they criminals who, having committed a capital crime, should be punished accordingly? Or are they prisoners of war. If prisoners of war, should they be released given that the war ended long ago? In this short story, the State of Texas sentences the Comanches to death, but the case goes to the U.S. Supreme Court on the prisoner-of-war issue.

For now, Unlawful Combatants is available only on Amazon.

Cover Image

Also, please consider Texas Law of Streets and Alleys: A Handbook.

What are citizens’ and municipalities’ legal rights and obligations associated with streets? For example, who owns the streets and what must local governments consider when permitting encroachments?

To most people, streets are just something you drive on.  This handbook helps real estate professionals and those in city government think through the legal implications of street-related problems and suggests beneficial outcomes in areas of possible disagreement. This book is available only in paperback.

Corpus Christi Writers 2018: An Anthology

Cover--CC Writers 2018 Anthology

In addition to the above works, which are all mine, I have a short story, “Found Money,” in an anthology called Corpus Christi Writers 2018: An Anthology. It’s available on Amazon.





Corpus Christi Writers 2019

2019 CC Anthology


And in the 2019 anthology, I have a story called Zeke and the Mystery of the Callagflorian Crystals, a private-eye story set on a colony in interstellar space.





Please browse this site and see what interests you.

Thank you.




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  1. Hello! I’ve been following your site for some time now and finally got the bravery to
    go ahead and give you a shout out from Dallas Texas!
    Just wanted to mention keep up the fantastic job!

  2. Ken, Hi from one of your former paralegals. I am now serving on a local P&Z Commission and am so grateful for your streets and alleys handbook! I find it highlights important issues as well as addressing my concerns.

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